img Picture Hassan Mayanloo

Welcome to LSI! My name is Hassan Mayanloo, and I'm the founder of Live Switchboard Inc, a  place to find not only excellent services and products, but people who will want to truly help and see you succeed in your plans. At LSI, it is truly my greatest heart's desire to create a much- needed hub in the Waterloo community by providing an array of services that fit all your essential needs and makes things easier for you. 

As a former Professor with over 11 years of teaching experience at both college & university levels and a career focus in Chemical Engineering & Business Administration, I saw an opportunity I wanted to pursue and decided to open up my own business in 2015. The company has been rapidly growing ever since and I am enjoying every minute of the process. I have always been entrepreneurial! I love my work and enjoy waking up everyday and dealing with small and big challenges that comes my way.

My philosophy in life is that it is important to enjoy what you do. If you view your venture as something solely for the purpose of amassing wealth, then it will be more difficult to truly enjoy.

I named this business Live Switchboard Inc. because I wanted to simulate a Switchboard Operator. Remember the old telephone switchboards in the movies where numerous people were trying to make connections and the operator was pulling and plugging in lines left and right, up and down, across each other? This is how I imagine this business functioning and growing. In the past, it was expected that switchboard operators to act like receptionists who greet customers that come into the organization and directs them to the areas they need to find. It was also expected of switchboard to handle all internal and external calls for the organization. I hope to see LSI acting as a hub that will grow to be a strong and beneficial switchboard for the Waterloo- Kitchener community in short term and then expand to other areas.

Meanwhile, I am pleased to inform you that since our official launch in February 2015, our accomplishments has been an exceptional performance, which I would like to share with you some of the achievements here:
- Our number of offered services has risen from three to thirteen. The target goal is to reach 20.
- We have assembled over 185 highly experiened and educated Tutors who could tutor students for all levels (Grades 1 to 12, College & University).
- There have been over 5,000 hours of tutoring at our Waterloo centre with over 98% success rate.
- We proudly can claim that while we maintain high quality of our services, the fees that we are charging are among the lowest in K-W area.
- Since starting as pickup/process centre for Purolator and DHL couriers, we have processed over 15,000 packages with no problem. In addition, having extended hours of business (seven days a week) has allowed our customers to visit our Centre  at their convenient time.
- We have built partnership with over 80 local businesses that are accepting our LSI discount card. The card allows the user to save money from us and the business partners. We are expecting that the number of partners and users will exponentially grow over the following weeks/months.

Please stay tuned for more exciting news in near future!