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Welcome to our new Partners (Touch Stitch Dry Cleaning & Alteration, Menchie's, Johnny Fresco and Boil Bar). 

TRY OUR LSI CARD or BUY it for 50% Discount (only $5)!

Why do I need to own the LSI Discount Card?

Answer: Because it will simply save you Hundreds of Dollars by using it at our Centre and also our Business Partners. There are currenlty around 80 Business Partners. We are actively working on adding more partners soon, so the savings will be even more! 

Menchies   Johnny Fresco   KW4Rent logo colour corrected-June 2015
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The Boil Bar
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Alexander Limo Services  
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   bixtexs    Grab a Greek

Mad Chilli Hot Pot

How much is the cost of owning Discount Card?
Answer: We currently have two promotions as follow:

         Option (1): FREE TRIAL DISCOUNT CARD (valid for up to one month). Try it first!

         Option (2): The card is being offered at the following prices:

Card Validity Period 4-Months 8-Months 12-Months
Price ($) $6 $11 $15

How can I purchase the LSI discount card?
Answer: You can purchase the discount card from our Centre in Waterloo or Kishki World Foods (Highland Road) or Daisy Mart (Fisher Hallman Road). We will announce more locations soon. 

Do you issue shorter period of discount card such as 4months, 8months?
Answer: Yes, Besides free trial card, you can buy LSI Card that is valid for 4months, 8 months and 12 months.

If I have a business and am willing to accept the LSI Discount card, will I be charged for advertising my business on your website?
Answer: Absolutely Not. Our goal is to have a win-win situation for both our partners and clients. While your business is being promoted on our website for FREE, our clients (mostly Students) are able to save money too.

What type of discount do I need to offer to LSI cardholders?
Answer: Although we are suggesting higher percentage of discount, however, we leave it to you to decide about it. The higher discount amount that you offer, the more visitors you can expect from LSI cardholders. Also, you can offer other types of promotion besides the percentage one.      

If I have other questions about the LSI discount Card, what should I do?
Answer: You can either visit our Centre or contact us at (519) 954-5483 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.