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Full G2 Driving Package:

Refer a friend to register for the driving package. we will offer $40 store credit to you & your friend  
Deadline: Friday, Aug. 25th


With proven very high passing road test rate (over 95%), it is our pleasure to offer driving lessons to the community, especially students.  We offer MTO Approved Driver's Education Courses by our highly experienced Instructors at Burger King Plaza in Waterloo. Similar to our other services, we are confident that you will enjoy a high level of service quality while our price rate are fair and reasonable. In addition, being in the vicinity and walking distance of both University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University adds another advantage to register at our Centre.

We offer our driving training during morning, evening and weekend sessions, and our class schedule is based on participants' available time. Please register in one of the following formats and mention the dates that you are available:   


Weekday-Morning Courses

Weekday-Evening Courses


1) Beginner's Course
We regularly schedule morning, evening and weekend Beginner Driver's Education Courses for your convenience. The BDE course provides 40 hours of training to help both novice drivers and more experienced drivers build defensive driving skills. The in-car portion of the course gives you 10 hours of one-on-one training with a professional driving instructor allowing you to learn the basics and the more advanced maneuvers. In the classroom you'll learn the fundamentals of defensive driving, rules of the road, responding to emergency situations, dangers of impaired driving and much more. In addition to benefits of the BDE course towards your safety behind the wheel, completion of the course will make you eligible to take your G2 road test 4 months early and can also reduce your insurance premiums.

Starting at $479+ Tax (after applying credit $399+Tax), you get the following:
      - 10 hours of private in-car lessons
      - 20 hours in class
      - 10 hours of home study
      - Workbook fee included ($25)
      - Certification fee included ($15)

Upon Completion:
    -Wait time for G2 Road test reduced from 1 year to 8 months
    -Insurance Benefit (considerable reduction in monthly insurance fees UP TO $100 per month) 

2) Individual Lessons
We will offer individual lessons with free pick up and drop off anywhere in KW. Individual lessons can be arranged for one or two hours in duration. These lessons are private. The instructor is focused on you and your success while teaching you how to drive smartly, skilfully, responsibly, and safely. Our instructors take great pride in their ability to prepare you for road tests very quickly. They love having the bragging rights for the most number of successful students in least number of classes. Help them brag more. After all, they brag about you and your success!

Lessons $35/hour + Tax
Highway driving $40/hour + Tax

3) Road Tests
Need car for your G2 or G road test? No problem. We have the following packages to choose from:

G2 Package:
1 hour of in-car training in the test area, refresher for all G2 road test rules, use of car for your road test, and pick up and drop off

G Package:
1 hour of in-car training in the test area, refresher for all G road test rules, use of car for your road test, and pick up and drop
$125 +Tax

Please contact us at (519) 954-5483 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.