If your computer needs a new part, software update or cleanup, we are here to serve you. Please contact our Centre at 150 University Ave. West, Unit #5A (Campus Court). In addition, we offer 90 days warranty period for all repaired computers.  

Computer Service

Here is the list of our labor fees for fixing computers.  Part costs are extra. (If you find any other computer store in KW area that charges lower service fee than us, it is our promise to match it and even offer you an extra 5% discount. What we would need from you to honor our promise, is something written or promotional ad. to back your claim up).   

Meanwhile, The LSI discount card holders will receive extra 5% discount, on the labor fee charge.

Diagnostic For Laptops
Labour Fees ($)
-Basic Diagnostic
(This fee will be waived if service cost exceeds $30)
-Onsite Service 59.99
-Data Backup 74.99
-System Tune up 49.99
-CPU Fan Dust Removal and System Cleaning 69.99
-Memory Upgrade 29.99
-Hard Drive Replacement 24.99
-DC Jack Replacement 84.99
-LCD Screen Replacement 79.99
-Create Recovery Disk for new System 59.99
-Operating System Installation- COA License is sold separately. 79.99
-Virus Removal 79.99
-Operating System Installation with Data Backup and Restore 135
Data Recovery:  Data size < 250GB Business $150
Students $120
 Data Recovery:  Data size > 250GB Business $250
Students $200