Live Switchboard Centre is pleased to offer the following Courier and Mailbox Rental services:
Courier Services:
We are currently offering DHL, FedEx  and Purolator services to ship Envelops/Parcels to Canada, USA and Oversea at a very competitive rates. If you carry our LSI discount card, you will be receiving an extra 5% discount. 

Mailbox Rental:mailbox
Are you from out of town who changes their address at least once a year? Have you ever gone on a co-op internship or international exchange or work placement outside of Waterloo? If so, you might have encountered the difficulties of lost and mis-delivered mail. The mailbox rental service is designed to meet one of the clearest needs we've heard from students, which is to have a reliable service that accepts and keeps mail for those transition months when they are out of town.

Our Clients can rent a mailbox for however long of a duration they wish (for at least a month, and the letters will be delivered to and accepted by our reception desk every day. They can pick up their mail during our extended business hours, or have the option of keeping their letters safe in their mailbox for the duration of their absence.

If you compare our rental prices in comparison to our competitors, you will notice that our prices are the lowest in town and even. sometime at 1/3 of what other companies are charging their customers.